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Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

- ben


@lennon-rose: Was she in a mood when this was taken?

@sparechange  Lenn, c’mon. When is Fred not in a mood?

- instadash

@sparechange  Despite having her nose turned up, Fred says she misses everyone. #turtleexpressions

- instadash

Rose Twins


Picture Mail:  Mal wants Wilbur to come play in the yard with her, and also says she misses her Auntie.

Her Auntie misses here too like crazy. And her auntie misses Mal’s dad. I can’t wait for Wilbur to get to play in your yard it’ll be super fun

Miss you too, Bob. Fred, however, is rather stoic about it all. But I think she misses you too.

- marley

[Text] Hi, Cash. Happy anniversary. Congratulations. Are you guys going to do anything special?

[Text] Thanks, Britt.  Yeah, I’m trying to surprise him. He had a meeting today. Hopefully it will be enough time to get everything ready.

- straycatbrittany

Who do you miss most from school?

Hard question since I left so many people behind….My sisters: Lennon, Marley and Brittany.  Jax and Prince Quilliam. 

I miss a lot of people. It’s hardest to be separated from Marley though. It’s a twin thing.

- Anonymous


Look Mama, I do own a suit.

More memories of Claiming Day.

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Shouldn’t it be ‘You could come visit us’? Not your turtle. But yeah, that’d be awesome! 

Thanks. You’re being home schooled now? Damn, that sounds sweet.

Let’s be real, you’d be totally visiting for the turtle.

Yeah. Sorta. Online courses. It’s nice, can’t lie. We are looking for culinary schools for me to attend. Since, I actually really love cooking.

- mickey


.. Oh yeah. Good point. 

I am holding my tongue to avoid getting in any trouble. They are more than a little douchey. Be happy you’re not here.

It’s not that far. You could come and visit Fred.  We are right on the Niagara river.

Good job. I was pretty sure you were avoiding saying what you really thought, and yeah, I’m definitely happy I don’t have to deal with that.  Being home-schooled is pretty awesome. 

- mickey


I hope to be in a similar place in a year. The same place in fact, considering New York is where Kurt and I are heading.

Things are good. We’ve got a few new Professors who are… well, a bit douchey. But apart from that, things are good.

Well, you guys will probably be in NYC, not just outside of Buffalo. But, regardless, it’s great.

A bit douchey? Something tells me you are being polite. Glad to hear things are good otherwise.

- mickey