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Private || Rose Twins


I appreciate the confidence in me, Goof.


That’s um that’s really great.

You don’t have to hide how your feeling, Mars. It’s going to be hard on me too.  But…we won’t be that far, it’s a fairly easy drive. And Ben promised me we’d find somewhere with lots of space so family could visit.

I’m not leaving you forever, wonder twin. And I’ll miss you like crazy.  But, having a home of my own, is like…a dream. We’ll be back in the morning to see everyone and start packing.  

- marley

Private || Rose Twins

PM: Hey there wonder Twin. Yeah she is here and all settled in. Im taking good care of her, promise. Oh? What is it? Nothing bad I hope.

I know you are. No doubt about it.  Well, I don’t think it’s bad. But, it will be an adjustment for sure. 

Ben and I are moving.  We are leaving school and looking for a house in upstate New York.  

- marley


@lennon_rose: How do you have these photographs?

@sparechange I’m not telling!  #nevergiveawaysecrets

- lennon

@sparechange  Ha!  That was so easy. Love ya, Lenn. #notevenachallenge

- lennon - instadash - photos: family


@lennon_rose: I doubt you’ll find any.

@sparechange Challenge accepted!

- lennon


@lyrical_soul this is really awful and embarrassing but I love you too Goof. You’re my brother and twin and best friend and favorite person.. but you post things like this you loose points :P

@sparechange  Please. At least you are smiling. I look like someone stole my animal crackers.  #wondertwins #bestiesforever

- marley - instadash


@lennon_rose: I’m embarrassed for both of you. #proudsister

@sparechange Watch it, or I’ll find one of you. #prouderbrother

- lennon - instadash

@sparechange  If I’m going to embarrass myself, I’m embarrassing my twin as well.  Love you Mars.  #tbt

- //close enough it's his real sister - instadash

@sparechange  Itty bitty baby Fred. #tbt

- photos: fred - instadash

Private || Beash


You get so deliciously brave after a few sips of wine, Pet.  Kiss me.

I guess it’s called liquid courage for a reason. 

It’ll be my pleasure.

- ben